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General discussions about Digital and Crypto Currencies.
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By Geko
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Here a quick explanation about how I am trading Cryptos at the moment:

I am trying to manage my portfolios with 3 different approaches: Long Term, Mid Term, Short Term.

Long Term:

Long term concerns Cryptos I truly believe in for the future, and I can see a real potential. I have entered some of those Cryptos or I plan to, and the idea is to keep them for Long term.

- Lykke not yet in but I will probably consider investing in this one as they have a great project.

- IOTA good alternative to BTC and ETH and not based on Blockchain, hige institutional are in.

- Antshares who might be the Chinese Crypto.

- WeTrust which have some huge institutional behind.

- Civic…

Short to Mid Term:

Short to Mid-term concerns new cryptos or smaller project I believe in also, but to enter I am looking at technical to try to enter at low and if I am up 20 to 40 % or at a previous high I am out to maybe enter again later at a previous Low (Fast in fast out)…

- Siacoin

- Golem

- Numeraire

- Metal

I would like to add that I do not join any ICO as we don’t know what is going on with them, but once they are quoted in an exchange if I see a good opportunity I try to get in and out for fast cash (Metal).
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