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By Dohn Joe
 Rank: Trader    Posts: 2


I signed up to get this sheet as soon as I found it. I've been using the power query in excel to get live updates on pricing but it lacks elegance because I have to add new query every time I add a new coin. The myJSON function is what I need to learn more how to work with JSON and API requests in Excel (I'll have to learn it in googlesheets too I imagine). Thank you very much!
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By Geko
 Rank: Admin    Posts: 786


Hi and welcome to GiG ;-)

In order to get an auto update with Excel you can use the Application.OnTime function. It has various settings which can update your macros once every xx timing or every hours…

Below an example to update your macro every 5 minutes:

Code: Select all
Sub Update_My_Macro()

Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:05:00"), "Your_Main_Macro"

End Sub

Code: Select all
Sub Your_Main_Macro()

    'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx your code here

End Sub
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By ns2808
 Rank: Newbie    Posts: 1


Hi Geko,

That worksheet would be a great gain of time.

I am using Excel v16.16.1 (VBA v7.1) on a Mac with OS X v10.13.3 and I am having the same issue as Nancy (aka fourwinds) and a few others.

I went to the first URL you provided and the author there (Patrick O'Beirne) provides a link with the 2 class files: http://www.sysmod.com/Dictionary.zip

I have successfully imported those to the Excel VBA Project linked to your spreadsheet but I am still not getting any live prices (I have checked that the URLs actually work in my browser).

Would you mind uploading a version of your spreadsheet that would work on the current version of Excel for Mac by any chance?

Thank you very much in any case,

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By Geko
 Rank: Admin    Posts: 786


Hello Nico,

Thanks for your kind words.

Unfortunately, it would be tricky to make it work on MAC iOS due to the library issue.

I am using a MAC also here (Mac Book Pro) but I have a dual boot (1 with iOS and the other one on Windows 10 thanks to bootcamp).

For all my Excel work, I am using the W10 iOS to avoid those issues.

So it could be an option to use a dual boot to get it work or a virtual iOS thanks to VMWare or VirtualBox.

Hope it helps.
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By plinskin@iname.com
 Rank: Trader    Posts: 2


Hi Geko thanks for your welcome and reply.
Sorry, probably I wasn't clear with my question last time, what I would make is a simple BOT, for example when a coin reach tot gain, sells the coin, or when the same coin lose tot, sells the coin.
With this double option in an exchange is not possible to do, is possible to do in a exchange only limit/stop loss or limit/stop sell "gain", not both in the same coin.
And after the BOT, if it is not too much complicated, I want to build my personal wallet in EXCEL, but I think is not so easy :-(
Many thanks for your help

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