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By Geko
 Rank: Admin    Posts: 786


When it comes to templates sometimes it can be tricky.

A template is a set of chart window parameters that can be applied to other charts.

The following criteria’s can be stored in a template:

•chart type and color;
•color diagram;
•chart scale;
•OHLC line shown or hidden;
•the attached expert advisor and its parameters;
•the imposed custom and technical indicators with their settings;
•line studies;
•separators of days…

If some of your indicators are creating a lot of objects, the template file size stored on your computer can become “heavy”, as all those objects information’s are stored in the template.

The purpose of this indicator is to save clean templates without the unnecessary information’s.

Please note that this indicator will delete all objects from the charts before to save the template.

Which mean that this indicator can be really helpful if you are using charts with indicators or EAs and that you are not making any manual analysis on the charts.

If you are adding manually some lines… then do not use this indicator.

To use this indicator:

01- Open a chart and attach this indicator.
02- Open another chart just after the previous one and prepare your chart with indis, EAs…
03- Go back to the previous chart, input a name in the edit box and then click on the save button.

Now you can compare the file size before and after using this tool!
Save template.PNG
That’s it.

Previous Counter Download: 13
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By TheSnowman
 Rank: Senior Trader    Posts: 50


I know what you mean about the extra stuff, I have downloaded templates and the amount of stray objects, wow :bored:

But this looks a bit dangerous to me :-o

I have a saved template for each of the 28 pairs because of separate analysis so the list looks like this #AUDCAD, #AUDCHF and so on

But when I need a clean chart, I use Ctrl + B, click List All, Ctrl + A, click Delete

That sure get rid of the extra objects :-)
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