Why this website?



Greed is Good (GiG) is the home of existing forex traders of all skills and experience levels and also those who are new or merely interested in learning forex and trading in general. Trading and especially currency trading (forex “Spot” market) can be the most rewarding and profitable activity one can undertake, it is truly global in appeal, and can be done by anyone, anywhere on earth, 24 hours a day 5 days a week.


GiG team are ethical forex traders and developers. Our intent is to provide our members with the best educational information’s and tools and to help them to find or improve their trading edge. Our educational section focuses on building a foundation that will try to turn inexperienced traders into profitable traders.

Your unique Goal as a Trader is to Achieve One Thing:


Consistency means you trade using a statistical edge, a proven methodology, over and over again, no matter what the outcome of individual trades, because you know that the result of the next 20 or 50 trades will be a positive outcome.

This is one of the secret to succeed in trading and we will do our best to help you use your mind to get this consistency.

Random Outcome Consistent Results

We believe in probabilities. We believe in “Chaos”. We also believe that making money in trading is a function of trading correctly. We at GiG understand this and share with our Members how to trade correctly using a blend of Technical Analysis Techniques Combined with Mental Analysis Techniques, and trading tools. This unique blend creates a winning formula that changes a traders “Perspective” for good. Once you have the “ha-ha” moment your trading life will never be the same. Money shall flow into your account as a by-product of trading correctly.


We learn as much from readers as they learn from us. We want for GiG community to be the most-savvy place for talk and professional debate. Trading wisdom comes from battle scars and experience and our community has plenty of both to share. It’s better that way.

The best place to share and debate will be our Forum. The Forum is a great way to interact with other members. It is also a great place to discuss strategies, tools, share experiences & results, and voice your opinions.

Getting started on the forum is easy. You can reply to an existing discussion or start your own. You can also choose to follow a discussion, which means you’ll be notified when there are new replies to that discussion.


In GiG forum you will find many useful tools. Some will be our own creation, and some will be shared from other sources.

We are not here to share tools which have been shared xxx times in different places. If some open sources tools present an interest or need a modification, they might be shared in our forum. Do not expect to find any copyright material shared in our forum, unless the member who posted the files own the copyright or have a written consent from the owner of the copyrighted material.

Concerning our own tools here at GiG, you can expect to find some innovative tools that you won’t find anywhere else. We spent and we are going to spend some time to develop innovative, unique, tools to serve our trading. We are using those tools and we are not developing them just to sell them.

We are totally committed to only promoting and providing honest systems, education and tools. Furthermore, we will not use your email address for spamming – guaranteed! (though we may email you about updates and new releases).

You are not welcome if you are, or represent, a scamming organization and/or intend to breach copyrights with any of our work, or the work of our members.

Whilst we have gone and we will go to great lengths to make our tools as useful as possible, we can obviously make no guarantees that they will help you to become a more profitable Forex trader. Only you can make you a great trader but we sincerely hope that our tools will be of much help.


We want our members to have good time here at GiG.

We have used the latest web technologies to provide you the best surfing experience on all your devices (computer, tablet mobile).

Members are encouraged to debate, discuss different perspectives in a respectful manner, share new publications, information, etc.

In order to have a peaceful and respectful place to discuss we need some rules. Swearing, flaming, being rude or offensive to other members is not allowed. We don’t expect and plan to ban members but in such case you will be permanently banned. Do not expect to see members banned like in other forex forum for no reason.

We will continue adding features and members as we sincerely believe that our community will help make traders more profitable through learning, analysis and skill building rather than the overwhelming mistakes the online financial world makes by focusing on breaking news, “hot stocks” and simplistic fundamentals analysis in order to drive website traffic.

Please tell your friends and colleagues about GiG; the more traders, the more knowledgeable and profitable our community becomes.

What you can expect

What you won’t find

  • Innovative tools
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Invaluable informations
  • Experienced traders
  • Great surfing experience
  • Trading advices/signals
  • Unrespectful members, tyrans
  • Members banned for no reasons
  • Decompiled/Hacked/Cracked tools
  • Spammer / Scammer

We’re Here To Help Your Trading Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination